Wholesale Territory Polices

Trade Area Specifics: 

Minimum 3 mile radius of your boutique.

We are happy to sell to locations with less than 1,000 sf of retail sales floor as long as they don't infringe on a brick and mortar boutique trade area. These locations, however, will not be granted an exclusive territory. These locations may lose their ability to sell our product should a traditional "bricks and mortar" boutique be approved that is located within 3 miles of said location.

"Big Box" Retail is considered a different Class of Trade and sales thru such stores are not subject to Trade Area Policies.

You must order a minimum of 4 new styles (minimum 8 pieces/style) every 90 days to maintain trade area protection.

The cancellation of any purchase order by a customer may result in the revocation of that store's territory protection.


  • $1000 opening order
  • Open sizing to make is super easy for ya!  For tees: Eight pieces per style – you can choose your specific sizes.

  • Once you order a specific style, you can request fill-ins in any quantity. 

  • Our goal is to ship within 48 hours.  Apparel shows may effect shipping times on a short term basis.  We will always carry inventory for quick turns.   

  • Please call us anytime with questions or suggestions !