Our Story

 BURLEY            &              Trey-Bo

Growing up in Texas, my brothers and I were always tromping through the woods and waters because it was all we knew.  Having two parents whose favorite days were spent at deer camp, it was only natural that we grew up hunting and fishing every chance we got.  

How did we get started?  It was pretty much in our upbringing.  With my parents being small business owners, we know the passion and work that went into a small business which I knew would one day be my destiny as well to find my own entrepreneurship path.  The idea was always to incorporate my passions of what I loved doing, so naturally hunting and fishing were at the top of the list! 

Fast forward a few years and wanting to leave the corporate world behind, BURLEBO was born.  We (Lexi my wife) and I decided to go full speed into this business and to create the best outdoor lifestyle clothing brand imaginable.  In a few short years we have gone from Lexi's grandmother sewing in BURLEBO size labels into comfort colors t-shirts to look like we were making our own, to fully manufacturing every product we offer.  From socks to athletic shorts, performance pullovers and swim trunks, we design every thread of these products to ensure we are offering the best possible product we can!  

We know you have so many choices out there when it comes to clothing and we want to be your next choice.  We want to earn your business and to show you we are different from all the big guys out there because we truly care about your feedback and thoughts about our company.  The right thing is always the right thing and that is how we operate day in and day out.

Without the support of so many people buying our products, wearing our gear, retailers carrying our line in their stores, we do not have a company.  We are incredibly grateful to all of the people who have shown our young family business so much support and love.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. 

 You call, text or email us anytime you have a question or need something!

info@burlebo.com or text 512.497.7078 (retail only) 512.497.7922. (wholesale only)