Wholesale Online Only Application


Welcome to BURLEBO!

We are excited that you are looking into our Apparel and Accessories.  We strive to respond to wholesale status requests promptly.  We will make every effort to grant/deny wholesale status or request additional information from you within two business days in most cases.  We will reply to your request via email.  Please know we reserve the right to sell or not to sell to anyone at our discretion

  • While we do prefer to be in"brick and mortar" store fronts, there are several exceptions
  • We offer trade area protection:
    1. Minimum 3 mile radius of your store.
    2. No more than one store in towns with populations below 30,000.
    3. Locations with less than 1,000 sf of retail sales floor or online only boutiques will not be granted an exclusive territory. These locations may lose their ability to sell our product should a traditional "bricks and mortar" store be approved that is located within 3 miles of said location.
  • You must order a minimum of 3 new styles every 90 days to maintain trade area protection.
  • $1500 Opening Order.
  • Open sizing to make is super easy when ordering.
  • Once you order a specific style, you can request fill-ins in any quantity.  
  • Our goal is to ship within 48 hours.  Apparel shows may effect shipping times on a short term basis.  We will always carry inventory for quick turns.   
  • Please call us anytime with questions or suggestions!

Thank you!